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About Us

Ex Dynamics was created to allow the opportunity for businesses to outsource all of their explosion protected product development and certification which generally leads to significant time and cost savings and simlification of existing business activities. With our global standards knowledge, experience and partnerships in key areas for certification, prototype component engineering, supply chain establishment, quality assurance and system implementation, Ex Dynamics allows clients to expand into new strategic areas with maximum efficiency and minimal cost.

The team at Ex Dynamics combines 60 years of experience in explosion protected and industrial product development and has successfully designed and certified many different ATEX, IECEx, TR CU and North / South American approved electrical products including full portfolios of electrical, control, instrumentation and telecommunication products for use in volatile and extreme applications globally.

All available protection concepts have been studied by the team in vast detail over the years and hence the ‘right’ concept can be selected at design phase or indeed the ‘right’ combination of concepts, to achieve the objectives laid out by customers.

Full product portfolios are also available for dual certification via a licensing arrangement or sometimes outright sale.


Our Philosophy

We are a company of ideas and a real ability to turn such ideas into prototypes and market ready, manufacturable product with a focus on ease of integration into existing facilities, the cost of development, BoMs and labour and the experience to make it all happen. If we look at a project and we can’t see how to make it happen, we won’t take it on.

“We pride ourselves on doing, not talking about doing….”

Through many journeys of getting things very right and sometimes very wrong, Ex Dynamics has all the experience necessary to assist without wasting anyone’s time. We’re happy to share our knowledge and enable businesses to become self-sufficient and confident within hazardous area markets as quickly as possible, maximising return on their investment. For many, it’ll be substantially more cost effective and efficient to use our services than develop the resource and negotiate a steep learning curve in-house. We work with clients through every step to ensure their criteria are being met and to ensure budgets and timescales are realistic. If it’s not going to pass certification or not going to be a reliable and safe product, we will advise accordingly. The cost of failure in hazardous areas far exceeds the cost of doing it properly in the first place.


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